Six things you must know about hair care

First, face hair loss.

According to the survey, more than half of women will worry about hair loss every time they wash their hair. In fact, hair loss is a normal metabolism. There are approximately 100,000 hair follicles on each person’s scalp. Each hair grows for approximately 2 to 4 years, then enters a stationary phase and naturally falls off after a few weeks. It is normal to drop dozens of hair per person per day. While within this reasonable range, there is no need to be too nervous. We suggest that the usual diet be as light as possible, that can effectively control hair loss caused by excessive secretion of oil to the scalp. If necessary, complex combing, perming, dyeing, etc., will minimize physical damage.

Second, do not give your hair too much moderation.

The tight ponytail, the complex hair bun, the bun of high hair and several veils wrap and tighten the hair. By following the hairstyle, external forces have already affected the hair roots. Over time, the hair follicles will be damaged and the hair will be caused. It is easy to break, which will cause the hairline to recede, which is really terrible. We always look for the texture of the hairstyle. We like to be fluffy and full. We can not wait for the hair to be caught and danced. We do not know that it is healthier and that natural hair is healthier. The products that make the hair smooth and curly are double. Sword of the blade, if not necessary, or use less.

Third, it keeps the natural color of the hair.

Is the hair drying and the color of the hair turning yellow? The following measures can be taken: 1. Install a simple filter in the shower to effectively reduce chlorine and harmful minerals in the water. 2. Reduce the use of hair care products that contain alcohol or hair, which proves to be the culprit of dry hair. One; 3. Diligent hair care, at least once a month, it is recommended to learn to use the essence of hair care at home, the cost is less good.

Fourth, reduce the use of electric heating equipment.

Frequent use of hair dryers, permanent splints and curls can exacerbate problems such as hoarseness, dryness, roughness and hair splitting. By learning the ability to model, it is possible to reduce the frequency of use of electric heating tools. Of course, the new technology is used. It is also advisable to damage products with little damage, such as ionic hair dryers with a power of more than 2000 watts, ceramic hair curlers or cold washing tools that do not exceed 300 degrees. It is also a good method to avoid heat damage before molding, which can form a surface on the hair. A protective layer that contains silicone that reduces the possibility of excessive damage is really a good companion for the control of the hairdresser.

Fifth, Reasonable use of shampoo.

The rich foam can effectively remove excess fat from the scalp, make the hair shine more and reduce hair damage, but as age increases, the level of oil secretion in the scalp will be significantly reduced, as well that reduces the amount of shampoo correctly. It is good to maintain the balance of water and oil of the scalp; Generally, the shampoo with moisturizing and fixative effect is less irritating and suitable for people with sensitive scalp; No matter what type of shampoo is used, the foam on the head should be washed for about a minute, so that the shampoo residue can be minimized.

Sixth, when you’re wet, you can do more with less.

When the hair is wet, it will be more fragile. That’s why you should not dry it with a towel. The correct way is to gently press the hair with a towel, absorb the flowing water and dry naturally; Use a wide-tooth comb in the bathroom. It is a good choice to comb wet hair; before using it completely, use an essential oil lotion that contains sunflower oil or coconut oil 1 to 2 times per week, which is economical and effective; If your hair is now very bad, you need to add a moisturizing essence before washing with shampoo.

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