Repairing a small fork

When you find the hair division, you must take the following methods:

(1) Cut the divided part. When cutting hair, cut it with scissors at a distance of 2 cm from the division, do not cut it diagonally and do not use a razor.

(2) Choose a shampoo that is right for your hair and then use a conditioner to protect your hair. Especially after impregnating and dyeing the hair, pay special attention.

(3) The hair styling action should be light, and it is better to use a bristle brush to properly brush the hair to help distribute the oil evenly throughout the hair.

(4) Try not to use curls to sleep, do not roll too much.

(5) Do not apply permanent excess, use the hair dryer as little as possible.

(6) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for too long.

(7) Eat more foods rich in calcium and vitamins.