How to care for wigs

Whether it is pure human hair or artificial hair wigs, it will be contaminated and dirty after a long period of time. Therefore, before using the wig, it is better to use a pad to make a hairnet, which is useful for fixing and easy to clean.

The wigs are usually cleaned every 3-7 days. Before washing, first use a soft, coarse-tooth brush or a wooden comb with fine teeth to gently comb the top and bottom to clean out dirt and dust. Then place the wig in warm water with detergent (water temperature 25-30 ° C), soak for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wig by hand, rinse with a comb to remove the sticky material from the wig. Be careful not to put the wig in the water and the wig will fall off and break. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, challenge the towel to gently absorb the wig moisture, apply some hair to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, then change it with a curling iron or remove it. If you do not use it often, you should use a plastic bag to seal the collection.

In addition, the live wig can be trimmed and dyed as if it were treated with hair according to the user’s request, and a satisfactory hairstyle can be arranged. When you use it every day, you can use the cartilage rib brush and the wooden comb with fine teeth to gently comb the hair. If it is not used for a while, use the hair clip to hold it in the direction of the wave, remove the wig from the wig before going to bed and place it for ventilation.

Offering Advice on Tape Hair Extensions

I want to provide my experience of using hair for the last ten years. To summarize, I will never use any method that damages natural hair.

Many salons now focus on just two security extensions. Use only the 100% human European hair of the highest quality. The method used is the transfer of tape and lasts three months before being applied again to the hair. The other is a clip in hair extensions method that you can simply cut and remove.

The extension of the hair in bands can also be referred to as a piece of hair of a weft of skin, which is a safe method. While using them stays safe and cautious it looks like your own natural hair. If you wear European hair, you can usually use it again after three months. If you want to repair it quickly, do not use it on your hair for permanent use. Trimming hair will not damage your hair.

The advantage of celebrities is that the short style is one minute and the next is long. This is because the application of clips on the hair or the hair band is discreet and does not cause damage, so they always look very natural.

Hair extensions can use many different methods, making it difficult to choose the right method for you. The main problem is that the quality of the hair is classified by Remy in Europe, and this method does not cause any damage to your own natural hair.

I recommend investigating different places and visit them to see what you are satisfied with. If it’s a new look, if it’s with a hair extension clip, you’ll definitely feel great. With the new hair engraved, you can pre-apply with tape in less than an hour.

A few years ago, the glue in the pre-adhesion method was the absolute market leader, but with the advent of excellent new application technologies, including hair extension with tape. I think these are the way to go. I recommend paying a bit more in the long term. I’ll just put the European Remy human hair on the double pull. I also recommend a sample. Many hair tape providers will provide this service for free.

If you want to feel like a new woman, try your new look today or tomorrow. I hope I have shared some ideas about the safest methods in my personal opinion.