Highlight Balayage Tape in Extensions Colorful Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions 20pcs 50g 16inch

I have been a lisenced hairdresser for 27 years and have been using extensions off and on. The last 7 months I have consistently had them in my hair. I have been trying different ones I see here on Amazon and I am so thankful I found lab hair.

Wow!! The best by far for the money you spend. I got a set and when it arrived I immediately ordered another so I could put these in instead of mixing with the old. Hair was ready made so didn’t have to wait a month for them to be custom made. The color I chose went perfectly with my color.

Hair is silky soft. Tapes stay in place. We did seal with flat iron each tape once they were in place. THIS HAIR IS THE REAL THING. 100 % HUMAN FOR SURE!! I have received hair for the same price claiming to be human and after a couple washes it feels like a horse tail.