Care Bifurcation of the tail of the hair

1. First, cut the bifurcated part. If you do not cut it, the long hair will split. It is better to cut an inch up from the bifurcation point. 

2 uses a shampoo that is completely suitable for your hair and soft, and uses a conditioner after each shampoo to supply the nutrients your hair needs. 

3 try to reduce the chemical treatment of permanent, hair dye, discoloration, etc. After impregnating and dyeing the hair, it is necessary to strengthen the nutrition of the hair.

4, combing every day, especially before going to bed, many people just wash their face and take a shower, but forget to brush the powder in their hair, because dirt and hair dust are better than the body. More expensive The flourishing wig shows you how to request split ends. For outdoor activities, you must be prepared for hair care. It is better to prepare a big hat. After the activity, you should wash your hair thoroughly, especially after exposure to the sun or sea water. Soakers should moisturize damaged hair well.

Highlight Balayage Tape in Extensions Colorful Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions 20pcs 50g 16inch

I have been a lisenced hairdresser for 27 years and have been using extensions off and on. The last 7 months I have consistently had them in my hair. I have been trying different ones I see here on Amazon and I am so thankful I found lab hair.

Wow!! The best by far for the money you spend. I got a set and when it arrived I immediately ordered another so I could put these in instead of mixing with the old. Hair was ready made so didn’t have to wait a month for them to be custom made. The color I chose went perfectly with my color.

Hair is silky soft. Tapes stay in place. We did seal with flat iron each tape once they were in place. THIS HAIR IS THE REAL THING. 100 % HUMAN FOR SURE!! I have received hair for the same price claiming to be human and after a couple washes it feels like a horse tail.

Remy Curly Wave Human Hair Extensions 100% Unprocessed

This is absolutely beautiful hair!! let me start off by saying that I absolutely love and adore bundles! I am very picky on the hair that I use for myself. I want something that looks natural and keeps its bounce and curl, and also is easy to manage and take care of.

The first thing that I noticed was that there was no weird or processed smell in it. it smelled fresh and I didn’t have to let it sit or air out before using. the next thing was the curl. the curl is nice and bouncy and the hair looks as if it was very well taken care of, it is hydrated and thick not dry or fragile. the hair is thick and beautiful and is placed nicely on the track, there is none of that double spacing that you sometimes get when buying hair.

I like my hair to look full and natural, so for a normal sized head, you will definitely need more than one bundle. This hair has been great so far! I have not cut the tracks yet so I cant speak as to how it sheds after its been cut, but there has been very minimal shedding and it has remained beautiful through the washing and conditioning that I put it through.