Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Bleach Blonde Skin Weft Glue in Hair Extension

After breakage from microbead extensions I tried to cut my hair shorter and let it grow out. Yikes! I hated the awkwardness and researched all types of extensions. Tape in extensions are supposed to be least damaging. I read and read reviews and facts and came to the conclusion that since my hair is thicker I need 50g extensions. Because of reviews and pricing I bought these. What did I get? Exactly what I wanted. They are nice and thick.

Longer than I needed but that’s where I got the 50g, I can get them cut. I contacted the local cosmetology school and had them applied and they did an awesome job. Not one has fallen out and I’ve had them for 4 weeks. If you read on here that they all fell out, that’s application issues. The tape is perfectly capable of keeping these extensions in. I use a teatree shampoo free of sulfates (sulfates break the tape down) and condition with the same type of conditioner from the ears down only.

They are a little to light for my hair so I threw wella color charm 9ng with 20 volume on them for about 20 minutes. They turned to a nice sandy blonde but be careful, I noticed they were starting to get ashy. These are in my opinion the best option.