Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair Extensions Tape Extensions Dip Dye Real Hair Extensions

Beautiful hair!! I have a short bob chin length and I ordered 2 packs! Big mistake. Had to,order 1 more in order for it to blend. I was a little upset because the first 2 packs arrived in like 4 days. When I ordered more it took almost 3 weeks to arrive. I have to wear it half up for now . But it holds really well. Super easy to put in. It also washes really good. The remy human hair extensions stays silky smooth and easy to manage .

I bought just one bag (50g of hair) to give myself some length in the front while I get through a bit of an awkward stage growing out my pixie cut. I got the 14 inch length and razor cut them into the style I wanted. That’s important when cutting extensions. Don’t cut them bluntly because they don’t lay the same way as your own hair. If you’re not comfortable cutting, go to a stylist who has experience with extensions.

It’s all blended well, while some other ombre extensions come with a harsh line between colors.

I’ve tried just about all kinds of extensions, and tape in hair extensions are probably my favorite. They’re easy to put in and lightweight. It’s easy to forget you even have them in. I would suggest having a package of extra tape on hand in case one comes out. I have washed these a couple times already, and there is some loss in quality, but that is expected. You’ll have that with just about any hair you use. They still shine up nicely again with a little product and styling. I have also experienced little to no shedding so far.

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