Offering Advice on Tape Hair Extensions

I want to provide my experience of using hair for the last ten years. To summarize, I will never use any method that damages natural hair.

Many salons now focus on just two security extensions. Use only the 100% human European hair of the highest quality. The method used is the transfer of tape and lasts three months before being applied again to the hair. The other is a clip in hair extensions method that you can simply cut and remove.

The extension of the hair in bands can also be referred to as a piece of hair of a weft of skin, which is a safe method. While using them stays safe and cautious it looks like your own natural hair. If you wear European hair, you can usually use it again after three months. If you want to repair it quickly, do not use it on your hair for permanent use. Trimming hair will not damage your hair.

The advantage of celebrities is that the short style is one minute and the next is long. This is because the application of clips on the hair or the hair band is discreet and does not cause damage, so they always look very natural.

Hair extensions can use many different methods, making it difficult to choose the right method for you. The main problem is that the quality of the hair is classified by Remy in Europe, and this method does not cause any damage to your own natural hair.

I recommend investigating different places and visit them to see what you are satisfied with. If it’s a new look, if it’s with a hair extension clip, you’ll definitely feel great. With the new hair engraved, you can pre-apply with tape in less than an hour.

A few years ago, the glue in the pre-adhesion method was the absolute market leader, but with the advent of excellent new application technologies, including hair extension with tape. I think these are the way to go. I recommend paying a bit more in the long term. I’ll just put the European Remy human hair on the double pull. I also recommend a sample. Many hair tape providers will provide this service for free.

If you want to feel like a new woman, try your new look today or tomorrow. I hope I have shared some ideas about the safest methods in my personal opinion.

How to care after the hair is hot

1. After perming, you should use protective products that contain protein and water. You can choose conditioners and nutrients for your care. It is also a good option to breastfeed oyster sauce.

2, to maintain the brightness and vitality of the permanent, it is better not to comb the hair the day of perming, not to destroy part of the solid structure of the hair that has not been completely formed, resulting in the deformation of the hair .

3, perm 3 days try not to use hair curlers and no shampoo, to maintain the appearance of perm.

4, after the permanent, it is better to use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair, do not pull hard, avoid using the plastic comb, the static electricity generated by the plastic comb is larger.

5, permanent does not need to wash your hair every day. Do not rub your hair when washing with shampoo, it is easy to damage it and try to let it dry naturally after washing.

6. You can use products to comb the hair to improve the strength of the curls when you finish the hairstyles. Do not let it move during the drying process after curling. The less you move your hair, the more natural it will look.

Care Bifurcation of the tail of the hair

1. First, cut the bifurcated part. If you do not cut it, the long hair will split. It is better to cut an inch up from the bifurcation point. 

2 uses a shampoo that is completely suitable for your hair and soft, and uses a conditioner after each shampoo to supply the nutrients your hair needs. 

3 try to reduce the chemical treatment of permanent, hair dye, discoloration, etc. After impregnating and dyeing the hair, it is necessary to strengthen the nutrition of the hair.

4, combing every day, especially before going to bed, many people just wash their face and take a shower, but forget to brush the powder in their hair, because dirt and hair dust are better than the body. More expensive The flourishing wig shows you how to request split ends. For outdoor activities, you must be prepared for hair care. It is better to prepare a big hat. After the activity, you should wash your hair thoroughly, especially after exposure to the sun or sea water. Soakers should moisturize damaged hair well.

Highlight Balayage Tape in Extensions Colorful Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions 20pcs 50g 16inch

I have been a lisenced hairdresser for 27 years and have been using extensions off and on. The last 7 months I have consistently had them in my hair. I have been trying different ones I see here on Amazon and I am so thankful I found lab hair.

Wow!! The best by far for the money you spend. I got a set and when it arrived I immediately ordered another so I could put these in instead of mixing with the old. Hair was ready made so didn’t have to wait a month for them to be custom made. The color I chose went perfectly with my color.

Hair is silky soft. Tapes stay in place. We did seal with flat iron each tape once they were in place. THIS HAIR IS THE REAL THING. 100 % HUMAN FOR SURE!! I have received hair for the same price claiming to be human and after a couple washes it feels like a horse tail.

Remy Curly Wave Human Hair Extensions 100% Unprocessed

This is absolutely beautiful hair!! let me start off by saying that I absolutely love and adore bundles! I am very picky on the hair that I use for myself. I want something that looks natural and keeps its bounce and curl, and also is easy to manage and take care of.

The first thing that I noticed was that there was no weird or processed smell in it. it smelled fresh and I didn’t have to let it sit or air out before using. the next thing was the curl. the curl is nice and bouncy and the hair looks as if it was very well taken care of, it is hydrated and thick not dry or fragile. the hair is thick and beautiful and is placed nicely on the track, there is none of that double spacing that you sometimes get when buying hair.

I like my hair to look full and natural, so for a normal sized head, you will definitely need more than one bundle. This hair has been great so far! I have not cut the tracks yet so I cant speak as to how it sheds after its been cut, but there has been very minimal shedding and it has remained beautiful through the washing and conditioning that I put it through.

Remy Tape in Hair Extensions Bleach Blonde Skin Weft Glue in Hair Extension

After breakage from microbead extensions I tried to cut my hair shorter and let it grow out. Yikes! I hated the awkwardness and researched all types of extensions. Tape in extensions are supposed to be least damaging. I read and read reviews and facts and came to the conclusion that since my hair is thicker I need 50g extensions. Because of reviews and pricing I bought these. What did I get? Exactly what I wanted. They are nice and thick.

Longer than I needed but that’s where I got the 50g, I can get them cut. I contacted the local cosmetology school and had them applied and they did an awesome job. Not one has fallen out and I’ve had them for 4 weeks. If you read on here that they all fell out, that’s application issues. The tape is perfectly capable of keeping these extensions in. I use a teatree shampoo free of sulfates (sulfates break the tape down) and condition with the same type of conditioner from the ears down only.

They are a little to light for my hair so I threw wella color charm 9ng with 20 volume on them for about 20 minutes. They turned to a nice sandy blonde but be careful, I noticed they were starting to get ashy. These are in my opinion the best option.

Real Remy Human Tape Hair Extensions Skin Weft Tape

I have been using tape in extensions for a long time. I always paid my friend who is a hair stylist however, it has gotten too expensive. I started doing it myself about two months ago and since my main purpose is to save money, I told my self let’s see if I can get the hair at a cheaper price. I said why not if it is bad quality hair at least I didn’t spend $200 like I have in the past(I know it’s crazy but one will do anything to have beautiful voluminous hair).

Although the hair color was way different than mine the quality is very good. I was very surprised. It is soft and it doesn’t look fake at all. I’m not sure if it can be colored because I have not done it(that will be my next step) but, if you are someone like me who is trying to stay under a budget, don’t hesitate to buy these extensions.

I have had so many compliments. I’m very satisfied with the product. I do have to brush my hair often to avoid tangles and I wear my hair in a braid or bun when I sleep to avoid excess tangles.

Tape in Human Hair Extensions Silky Straight Remy Tape Hair Extensions Medium

So, as soon as I got these, I put them immediately, by myself. Super easy to do with a couple of large mirrors to work with. I have very light platinum blonde hair. It’s just shy of being completely white. So I was worried the hair would be too dark or too yellow to work with. However, I washed and conditioned with purple shampoo and conditioner and then I toned with the same toner I use on my hair. It made a HUGE difference. My friend was worried it wouldn’t blend because my hair is so light.

But she was amazed when I showed off my hair. It matches perfectly. The hair texture is similar to my overporcessed hair. Not like it feels over processed, but it’s not thick strands of hair, like what I’m used to when I buy dark brown hair extensions. It’s thinner stands of hair that match well with my hair at this color. So it’s been a few days now and it does tangle and shed. Not really bad, but it hasn’t been in long.

I’m not sure if the tangling is due to the smaller hair shaft or that I have been in a car a lot in the last few days driving across the state to visit family and my seatbelt ruffles up my hair. I will say though, even hair I bought that was cuticle aligned, virgin, expensive hair still tangled and shed. I am happy with this hair. It holds curl well, took color well. Looks great. Makes me feel better about myself.

Tape In Human Hair Extensions Silky Straight Skin Weft Human Remy Hair

I really love the quality of these extensions. I was lucky and the color matched my natural hair exactly. I’ve had them in for four weeks now and have had no slippage, so I’d say if applied correctly the tape is good. There has been almost no shedding. I used this color on the top (because it perfectly matches my natural color) and a lighter highlight color as the underside with my own hair sandwiched in the middle.

These are honestly amazing! No one can tell I have extensions. I get tons of compliments on my hair. I only wash a few times per week. I also always braid it loosely when I sleep and use a satin pillowcase. My real hair is extremely fine and fragile due to underlying health problems and I’m so thankful to be able to have long hair, finally.

I’ve had them in for about 2 weeks now and they still look awesome. I bought them for fullness and do add a little high lighting to my hair. They honestly blend so well, I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I curly them and they hold a curl so well! My hair is naturally curly so I was afraid the texture would be off but once I curl the extension they blend perfectly.

Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair Seamless Skin Weft Remy Straight Hair

First, I have worn extensions a lot over the past few months but my local hair stores dont sell tape ins so I was building my own with weft hair and adding tape to them. I’ve never used actual tape ins so I figured it was all the same. Wrong! When I finally decided to order pre made tape hair extensions I noticed an immediate different of just how flat they are to essentially hide evidence of extensions.

I got the 1b that matches perfectly with my very dark brown hair. The hair quality is great. Hair feels super smooth and silky and I got the 20inches, which I believe is the only length offered on this product page. I know their company had other listings with different lengths. The hair is thick and pretty much remains thick from tape to ends. I did notice as I ran fingers through the pieces that there are some shorter hair in there but it really didn’t take away from the thickness of the ends and to me it gives a natural look.

Again, as I mentioned the quality of them right out of the box is wonderful and I can’t stop playing with them. I haven’t had any shedding thus far and I have slept with them in one night.